• Business Data Management
  • Online Timed Transactions and Operations
  • The End of Month-End
  • Business Data Management

    Time is the scarce resource. Data is the underleveraged one.
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  • Introducing Otto

    Otto (Online Timed Transactions & Operations) loves all repetitive tasks
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  • Less Data Prep! More Analysis

    Find "Waiting for month-end!", replace with "Daily Variance Analysis"

Custom Cloud Data Services, Business Intelligence & Management Reporting Solutions for Small Businesses

"In God we trust, all others must bring data"

W.E. Deming

Cloud Workflows

At cloud-workflows.com, we design, build and administer your standard procedures and your dedicated Cloud environment; Why? Because it's smart, fast, reliable and it works...every time.

Always Online

Our dedicated support services are not just customized, but personalized solutions for your team. You know us, you see us always online and we are one click away. Why? Because trust and team cohesiveness are key to performance.

Advisory Services

F.A.C.T.S. processes are driving the need for data services. We make sure we run solutions with that purpose in mind. Why? Because subject matter expertise allows us to keep track of the end goal.

  • Your Growth Story is in Your Data...

    For owners and executives of small and medium sized businesses, administering their finance & accounting affairs can actually detract from running the business and shaping its strategy. We help administer financial reporting relevant data while ensuring its translation into critical insights and business narratives. We achieve this by helping our clients with their finance & accounting efforts in the Cloud. We standardize and automate repetitive tasks, allowing your team to focus on higher value-adding tasks.

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    Data Intake, Data Administration, Data Rendering

    Data is increasingly omnipresent in every organization. Applications, databases, spreadsheets, logs, notes etc. Systematically administered in the cloud, such data is many times more useful to managers. We strive to tailored, up-to-date, consistent, correct and complete reports for everyone.

    Financial- and management-accounting applications are often complemented by databases, spreadsheets and other data repositories. We manage data-sets on behalf of our clients and deliver automated management reports via our dedicated Intranet platform. With over 700 KPIs we help generate customized views, dashboards, early warning email alerts and reports to everyone in the organization.

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  • Dedicated, Specialized Support

    Beyond all applications, tools and technological solutions, there is a need for dedicated skill-sets to manage data.

    We focus on helping organizations with the right back-office support.

    From ongoing data maintenance and administration to custom software solutions, connect with us to see how we can augment your team.

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What key performance indicators are you measuring daily?

When Business Data Management is set up right, the recurring efforts to update and disseminate reports tends to decrease while the value of "knowing" and "konwing timely" leads to signifcant benefits.

Our Locations


Our offices are located in Toronto, Canada and Bucharest Romania along with several partners in the United States of America. 

Nonetheless, we are always online and a click away from a video conference with your team.

Our Vision

visionAchieve High-End Business Intelligence for SMBs
Assist small teams with the importing, administration, rendering and interpretation of data.

visionOngoing forward looking FP&A Support for SMBs
Back-Office Data Management Support for Finance, Accounting Sales and Operations Teams