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The rapidly expanding footprint of technology in every aspect of business, represents significant and unprecedented opportunities for small and medium-sized companies (SMBs). Internet Technology, platforms and applications allow smaller organization to profit from (1) scale; (2) specialization; and (3) speed in ways that were not available before. Despite this paradigm shift in the economy and the rapid evolution of a myriad of productivity apps, too often, the finance & accounting function continues to rely on individual spreadsheets and cumbersome manual repetitive tasks. Especially for SMBs, this leads to a series of highly detrimental effects:

(1) Seasoned controllers, accountants and analysts spend too much time massaging and updating data, rather than analyzing reports and deriving business intelligence;

(2) Executives spend time waiting for reports and are deprived of timely business insights;

(3) Business Data Analysis is characterized by the inability to run quick “what-if” scenarios or a rapid drill-down (slice & dice) analysis;

(4) The idea of “good enough” festers and managers learn to live with a limited understanding of their business due to a pervasive lack of metrics.

At BRICKBASE we focus exclusively on becoming your trusted partner of choice regarding F.A.C.T.-based business data management (Finance Accounting, Controlling and Treasury).

Join us to see how our managed services can help your organization. 


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