One defining critical success factor in Management Reporting is selecting (1) the right; and (2) the right number of key metrics to allow effective and efficient performance monitoring. 

Although no two businesses are alike, and details can differ materially on a case by case basis, we generally divide our over 700 KPIs into 4 categories and their underlying sections:

  1. Revenue Growth

1A. Sales Volume

1B. Price Realization

2. Operating Margin (example)

2A. Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

2B. Selling, General & Admin

2C Tax Management

3. Asset Efficiency (example)

3A. Property Plant & Equipment

3B. Inventory Management

3C. Receivables (example)  and Payables

4. Expectations

4A. Organizational Strengths

4B. Market & Industry Dynamics


Business Reporting [...]

Internal Controls [...]

KPIs [...]

Back-end Administration [...]

Systems & Environments [...]

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