For successful SMBs who focus on core competencies and seek help with their business administration functions, our cloud-based F.A.C.T. support services render a unique opportunity to save time, money and ensure a better understanding of the company’s key performance metrics; because professional financial expertise and sound advice rest upon correct, complete and up-to-date data in any successful course of action.

With over 700 KPIs we have a good start to carve out your critical "to follow" variables that help track the achievment of both

Growth and Scale!


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Key Takeaway #3

Connect & Collaborate!
Areas that are critical to succeed but are not core competencies of your organization render an important question: do you develop capabilities in these adjacent areas? What solutions are out there and who is the right partner to help you stay focused on your key mandate?  From Finance, Accounting, Controlling and Treasury, to Legal and Tax; from Data Management to New Technologies, what are the underlying disciplines you want to use not to develop?