Data is increasingly omnipresent in every organization. Applications, databases, spreadsheets, logs, notes etc. Systematically administered in the cloud,

such data is many times more useful to managers. We strive to tailored, up-to-date, consistent, correct and complete reports for everyone

Financial- and management-accounting applications are often complemented by databases, spreadsheets and other data repositories. We manage data-sets on behalf of our clients and deliver automated management reports via our dedicated Internet platform. With over 700 KPIs we help generate customized views, dashboards, early warning email alerts and reports to everyone in the organization.

Intranet and Social Workplace

  • Team-wide access to office data based on pre-defined roles;
  • Seamless ongoing collaboration of physically dispersed teams;
  • Scheduling and tracking of all standard tasks & daily activities;

Custom Software Solutions

  • Setup and maintain required cloud infrastructure
  • Design, develop, and deploy customized databases, data input online forms, and related web applications
  • Connect to other applications and maintain on an ongoing basis

Report Generator Engine

  • Design, develop, deploy and maintain reports and publish as spreadsheets for download and/or web-based tables and charts
  • Schedule periodic updates and ensure a team-wide single-version of truth
  • Maintain on an ongoing basis